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Lions? No. Tigers? No. Bears? YES!

Bears can be cute and cuddly.  I offer exhibit A.

Awww... So cute and cuddly!

But bears can also rip your face off should you cheat them in a game of poker, make rude comments about their mothers, or just happen to be along their path when they are hungry.  I offer exhibit B:


Today was an encounter with an exhibit B kind of bear!  True, no bears mauled any gentle Movement Mavens, but we did wrestle with the famous CrossFit benchmark:  The Bear Complex!  Lo, do I remember my first time with The Bear.  It was horrible.  (I haven’t done it in over a year now.  Probably should revisit that sometime soon…)

After joint prep, we hit the Clean and Jerk warmup.  Be positive about your progress on the Oly lifts!  These are super complex movements that require LOTS of practice.  Given the constraints of our schedule, we can only do so much.  With that said, I am impressed with everyone’s progress.  Getting better everyday!

And remember, no one gets left behind…


Clean and Jerk Warmup


“The Bear Complex”

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 High Bar Back Squat

1 Push Press

All movements combined equals one cycle.  7 cycles make 1 round.  Rest 3-5 minutes between rounds.

5 rounds total, going up in weight each round.


“Pre” would have been proud.

Nothing like taking advantage of a warm February day to get out and turn the legs over a bit.  Today, we focused on improving running mechanics and then implementing these new strategies at various distances and paces.  We stayed inside to start and drilled some POSE technique to try and fix some major movement deficiencies in this most elemental movement we do as humans.

Great caption. If you don’t know who Pre was, go and research his life. I bet you he would have been one hell of a CrossFitter…

Long story short, POSE running teaches you to engage more of your posterior chain by cycling your legs through when you run.  Instead of using the much smaller hip flexors to pull the foot from behind your center of gravity, the hamstrings (a much larger muscle group, which will tire less quickly) engage themselves in a much more efficient manner to power you through your runs.  Practice the drills we did today and you will notice that your running will get better!  Ankle up to your…behind!

After we worked on some mechanics, we went and hit a mile for time.  In mid-distance and distance running, pace is essential.  Go out too hard and you will wish you were never born.  Go out too easy and the competition will make you eat dust.  In the future, try and establish a pace you would like to hold consistently and try and hang on to that number.  Maybe in the future we will work on this idea of pace with some interval training.

To complete today’s training, we did some windsprints.  Windsprints build up to all out sprints.  Work on building pace slowly, pick a point, and then run at about 90-95% of full effort until the finish line.  Keep the hands, neck, and face relaxed.  The more tight and strained you are, the more efficiency you will bleed out of your system!

Things to work on…



3 Rounds

6 Pistols

8 Pushups

10 Squats


POSE Technique Drills


1 Mile Time Trial

-Rest five minutes-

4 x 100 meter strideouts/windsprints/buildups

Get off your heels, girls, and get on your toes!


Happy Sunday!  The weather tomorrow looks to be great at a balmy 59 degrees!  With that being said, each and every one of you who is looking to participate in tomorrow’s training session needs to bring not only a t-shirt and shorts, but also a stocking cap, sweathshirt, gloves, long pants, maybe even a light jacket.  We will be outside for the majority of the session.  Dress appropriately!


When you are here…

Ha!  You thought I would say the rest of the phrase didn’t you?  Silly rabbits.  You know what isn’t silly?  Sloppy pullups.  We went and practiced our kipping pullups today and gave them a whirl in the conditioning WOD.

Thoughts on the kipping pullups so that you can visualize them in your dreams tonight, tomorrow night, and every other night from now until you die.

1.  Grab the bar (thumbs over or around is fine) and hang with active shoulders by pinching those shoulder blades together.  Point the feet slightly in front of your center of gravity, bracing the midline.

2.  Start the kip by thrusting the hips forward and backwards.  (Think of your C’s and D’s).  Ideally, when called to, you could stop your body from flailing around on a dime.  If when you stop from your swing and your body continues to sway, you are a bad mouse and have not initiated the movement from your hips!  Remember, it’s all in the hips…

3.  With a good swing developed, try to work on pulling up towards the bar after three kip attempts.  For example, count three swings…1…2…3 being explosive on three with the hips, driving them forward.  Transform that forward motion back towards the “D” position and pullup on the bar.  Ideally the swing back will have released energy which will translate not only back but up as well, helping you glide up over the bar.

4.  Once your chin is over the bar, push back and away from the bar to setup for the next kipping attempt, repeating the aforementioned steps to reproduce another kipping pullup!

Rome wasn’t built in a day…It could have been if only every Roman was a part of The Movement Program.

So easy, right?!  Not quite.  Get to work.  Everyday before class starts, work on getting your double unders and now…your kipping pullups.

FYI, EPPO lost six pounds.  That’s pretty baller.  Brace yourselves, you won’t recognize him in three months at this rate.  Knick continues to devour WODs!   Wait until he gets his kipping pullups.  Game over.  Kruzer pushed hard through some pain, but still finished with the WOD with a smile.   Paint Chips’ power cleans are slowly starting to clean up.  Just need to work on that shoulder and elbow flexibility.  Dora, great transitions and way to fix up the quality of those broad jump burpees!

I think today’s spirit award goes to Dragonball Z, however.  Correct me if I am wrong, but he did every round of the WOD’s front squats unbroken, with really solid form.

Overall, I couldn’t be prouder of the heart and commitment of every single student-athlete who graces The Movement Program.  Whether you believe it or not, you are an inspiration to your families and friends…you are all, however, still as ugly as sin.  🙂

Happy Friday!



15 minutes Kipping Pullup practice


7 Rounds for Time

7 Front Squats (95/75)

7 Broad Jump Burpees

7 Kipping Pullups

Double your pleasure! Double your fun!

I grew up in the 80s.  As a result, I am forever blessed (or scarred) from videos like this!  Commercials like this do raise an interesting point for today’s session:  Why do something once when you can double your pleasure and double your fun?!

Yay, for Double Unders!

Don't let the get up fool you, Buddy Lee is a jump rope assassin.

That’s right, today was the first WOD in which we hit with the double under.  Progressions on the double under:

1.  Make sure you have solid singles, while keeping the midline tight (sternum crunched to the belly button) and the arms at your sides.  Focus on keeping those arms in line with your torso and keeping your feet directly underneath your body.  No donkey kicking!

2.  Power jump:  While doing regular singles, practice jumping higher than you would normally jump and then returning to your regular single cadence.

3.  Power jump with double under attempt:  Same rules apply before, but now in concert with your power jump spin the wrists, and by extension the rope, quicker to try and get the rope around twice on one jump.  After the attempt, fight to keep the regular cadence of your singles.

4.  Power jump with multiple double under attempts:  Building off 1-3, here you will attempt as many consecutive double unders as possible.

We practiced this movement for fifteen minutes and then we did our first CrossFit benchmark workout, “Annie,” outside in the warm spring air of February…?  (That’s another post entirely for another blog!)   Overall, solid effort by everyone.  Kruzer and The Destroyer were able to get their first two consecutive double unders!  Solid work!  Two months from now we will all be wondering how was it possible that these seemed so difficult…



15 minutes Double Under Practice




Double Unders


School? No. Movement Program? Yes!

Happy President’s Day!  Make sure you do your homework, eat your vegetables (and meat and fat), worsh behind your ears, and say your prayers before you go to sleep thanking the Gods of CrossFit for Monday’s training session.

As we do not have access to our dojo on Monday, here is your proscription of pain and suffering.

Warmup (Joint prep first!  Think inch worms, hip circles, spider walks, leg swings, and arm circles then…)

3 Rounds

5 Squats

5 pushups

5 pistols (each leg)


Four attempts at Broad Jumps for Max Distance.  (Get chalk and a tape measure and mark from your starting point to the heel of your foot closest to that starting point as your attempt!)


For Time:

20 Mountain Climbers (Each Leg!)

10 Jumping Squats (Same mechanics of a squat apply, making sure hips are fully open at the top of your jump!)

10 Supermans ( Lie flat on your stomach.  Hands extending out past your head.  Lift both your arms and legs off the ground from this position.  Ideally your hips are the only things touching the ground).

40 Mountain Climbers

20 Jumping Squats

20 Supermans

60 Mountain Climbers

30 Jumping Squats

30 Supermans

80 Mountain Climbers

40 Jumping Squats

40 Supermans

100 Mountain Climbers

50 Jumping Squats

50 Supermans

Post Scores to Comments!

Do Kal-el proud today!


Golly Gee Wiz, Low Bar Back Squats and 8 Minutes!

Half days.  I hate half days.  I hate half days that prevent progress in The Movement Program.  We’ve had to gut the strength portions of the last two sessions in order to accommodate the shorter class periods.  The gods, of course, are not happy.  Fret not, Phoebus Apollo, plenty of sacrifices ahead next week!

Anywho, while the morning session was starved for strength, Morgan “The Destroyer” came in and devoured  “the lifting heavy things” portion of the workout!  Today we got into the low bar back squat.  Notes on the low bar back squat:

  • The barbell should rest on the meaty portion of your upper back, straddling the shoulder blades, not high up on your back as in the high bar back squat….duh.
  • Elbows need to be pointed back towards the wall behind you.  This helps keep the bar locked in that low bar position.  Make sure when gripping the bar that your thumbs are not around the bar.
  • Initiate the movement by sending your hips back.  The knees should bend concurrently with the hips, however, the rate of flexion in the hips should be greater than in the knees.  Simply put, the knees should bend with the hips placing the shin in an almost vertical position, keeping the shin perpendicular to the floor.
  • While the high bar back squat is more quadricep dominant, the low bar back squat engages and develops the strength of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, lower back)
While I would argue that the shins need to be more vertical in the low bar position, the general differences in each of the bar positions shines through in this graphic.

For today’s conditioning WOD we went heavy and hard.  Nice work on the deadlifts, Gia from the Block.  Remember, everyone, to keep that core engaged and tight during those deadlifts.  There should be no curve in your backs when you pull the weight up.  Might need some more practice on this one in the future.  Overall, solid effort!

I can’t wait for a regular schedule next week!  I will try and have a WOD you can do at home for Monday, as we do not have school.  Stay tuned!


Strength – 3:15 class only 😦

5-5-5 Low Bar Back Squat

Work up to find your 5 rep max.



2 Deadlifts (200/135)


4 Box Jumps (30/24)

Morgan The Destroyer on the Low Bar Back Squat…she needs to go up in weight!

We had to cut the WOD down to 5:30 as a meeting started in the cafeteria before we could finish. Bummer.

Bow to the Burpee!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said….to talk about burpees.  Such a simple movement.  Not so many complex angles and levers moving to and fro like in the clean or muscle-up,  but don’t let Madam Burpee fool you:  she  sucks.

In celebration of the burpee, we hit the classic benchmark of 100 Burpees for Time.  A perfect WOD, given the limitation of our half day and subsequent parent teacher conferences.  Sad to say, no heavy stuff was picked up.  Some of Movementistas picked up their cojones on this one, though.

-“Knick”, slow and steady wins the race!  Something tells me you will not be starting that fast on this kind of a workout ever again.

-Morgan the Destroyer showed up for the 3:15 class (yes today marks the first time The Movement Program had two classes in one day!) BY HERSELF and rocked this WOD.  Just getting under 14:00.  Good push, kiddo!

Not sure if we will have two classes on Friday like we did today, so stay tuned here!


100 Burpees for Time

Bow to the Burpee!

Parent Teacher Conferences?! Plenty o’ Time!

Yo, people.  If you haven’t heard by now, we will be having a very abbreviated class tomorrow.  With a half day and nearly thirty minutes between lunch and the first Parent Teacher Conference, however, we can still squeak in a good one!  I am also offering a class at 2:45 tomorrow (H*LL YEAH) as well, so if you wanted to come back to school for the same workout that was held earlier in the day, and you missed the earlier session, come on by!

Ms. Johnson, are we done here? I really have to get to the gym to work on my snatch!

Don’t expect any strength work tomorrow.  DO expect a quick “benchmark” workout!  Prepared to move fast, very fast…as fast as Lady Gaga is falling out of fashion.  If you have any questions, please post to comments.


I couldn’t care less about the Grammy’s…

…but you know what I could care MORE about?  Friggin’ monster midline strength!  Yez zir!  The Movement Program is back!  Did you all miss your little foam rollers and painstorms on Friday?

You know what's cool about Chris Brown winning a Grammy? Nothing.

I was down in Alexandria, VA at Outlaw CrossFit this weekend learning some cool stuff on CrossFit training methodologies and seeing some of the world’s best CrossFitters do crazy things like, oh I don’t know, clean and jerk over 300 pounds.  No big deal…  Stay tuned for these new insights surfacing in our own training very soon.

As for today, as I already stated, I am a big fan of core strength/midline stability.  Always have been, always will be.  In honor of the midline (and to get all of the boys who are getting on my nerves asking me “how do I get a six pack?” to shut up – worry about getting strong and the abs will come!), we hit the overhead squat for the strength portion of our session.  Kruse Kontrol had by far the best Overhead Squats of the day.  Wrecked up the last set of five like he was overhead squatting barbells made of cotton candy.  Need to go up in weight, son…

The conditioning WOD featured our first encounter with the dreaded thruster, the devil spawn of a front squat and a push press.  Initially, I had a 200 meter run with a pinch grip carry of (15/10), but the custodial staff started waxing the halls as soon as the WOD began.  For obvious safety reasons, we dropped the run…which made the workout that much more sucky, in my opinion.  Overall, solid effort by everyone!  Remember Gia from the Block, make sure you bring those ball slams totally above your head!

Catch you cool cats later.



5-5-5 Overhead Squat


15 Min AMRAP

10 Ball Slams (20/16)

10 Thrusters (75/55)

10 Broad Jumps