Extend the Pull

Today was an immense day of progress.  We worked a lot on extending that first pull during the snatch.  Some simple cues which were employed were “knees back longer”, “patient pull”.  Those seemed to work a lot.  Now, I don’t claim that all of my athletes’ problems were resolved, but it was pretty satisfying to see the normal jumping forward almost totally eradicated from their lifts.  Keep at it, guys and gals!  Patience is the name of the game!

5-29-13 MOVE4

Look and learn…

Barbell mechanics consisted of a complex of snatch deadlifts with a pause below the knee followed by a hang snatch, paying special attention to keeping the knees back longer during the first and second pulls.  Instead of shooting the hips horizontally to meet the bar, the objective is to have the shoulders lead vertically as the hips open.  This helps keep weight back on the heels and primes the lifter for the final acceleration of the second pull.  The percentages will be higher for the rest of this week as we are climbing towards the 90% range of lifts.

Given the summer like temperatures today was a shorter but nonetheless grueling conditioning session.  A shorter version of the classic CrossFit workout “Nancy” we hit three rounds for time of 400 meter runs and 15 overhead squats.

I’d have to say the most impressive thing about today was the fact that so many athletes attempted heavier weights during the workout and/or moved with admirable tenacity.   Minds are sharpening as muscles are hardening.  Together that makes a definite recipe for bravery.  Well done by everyone today!  Your collective progress is absolutely inspiring.



1 Round Snatch:  Overhead Squats, Lift off Transitions, Muscle Snatches, Angel Drops, Punch and Catch Progressions

Barbell Mechanics

Snatch Deadlift with Pause below the Knee + Hang Snatch

2 @ 80% 1 RM

3 @ 85%

2 @ 90%

*2-3 minutes rest between sets.


3 Rounds for Time

400 m run

15 Overhead Squats (95/75)


2 x 6 Sots Press

3 x 8 Stir-the-Pot

5-29-13 MOVE1 5-29-13 MOVE3 5-29-13 MOVE25-29-13 Scores


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