Hi-Hang Hatred

It’s a pesky one…that ole high hang clean.  Lifts from the high hang are pretty tricky as any laziness found in a poor second pull reveals itself.  We need to drive our heels through the floor and stretch up and back really hard to get the necessary force into that bar.  Hopefully the pulls prior to the lift during the complex helped drill into you the importance of doing just that!

Arguably one of the least loved muscles, our Muscle of the Day focused on one of the key frontal plane stabilizers: the quadratus lumborum!



This muscle originates on the posterior superior illiac crest and then inserts itself up into the last rib and then the transverse process of the lumbar vertebrae.  It is responsible for both lateral flexion and extension, as well as elevating the hip.  They are also important in keeping our spines stable during the catch in our cleans and snatches.

As stated before we hit a nice little complex of clean pulls, hi-hang cleans, and jerks today for our barbell mechanics.  Afterwards we tackled a little chipper of wall balls, strict pullups, burpees, front squats, and double unders, with a 15 min time cap for an added incentive to move quickly.  No one was able to sneak under, but great effort by everyone!

PA State Weightlifting championship information can be found here!  Let’s get signed up, pronto!



Myofascial Release Dynamic Warmup

1 Round Clean and Jerk:  5 Front Squats, Lift off transitions, Rack Delivery, Jerk Step Throughs, Punch and Catch Progressions.

Barbell Mechanics

2 Clean Pulls + 1 Hi-Hang Clean + 1 Jerk

2 sets @ 70% 1 RM Clean

3 sets @ 80%

2 sets @ 75%

*2 min recovery between each set.


For Time:

40 Wall Balls (20/16)

20 Strict Pullups

40 Burpees

20 Front Squats (135/95)

40 Double Unders

6-3-13 MOVE1 6-3-13 MOVE2 6-3-13 MOVE3 6-3-13 Scores


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