Gettin’ to the mountaintop ain’t easy.

While I cannot say this with certainty, I presume that we all want the next big thing.  A fat clean and jerk PR, the job that will make you more money, or that dream vacation in Paris/Rome/London.  Each day, we strive to reach our goals.  Most of the time, we struggle along that path.  Those little stones, poking there ever so tiny heads above the ground, catch the tip of our toes time and time again.  We stumble.  We fall.

Gettin’ to the mountaintop ain’t easy.

Some look up in awe at that mountain’s grandeur and think, “how can I possibly reach the summit?!”  And so they stay down in the valley of life, living out their days in safe mediocrity.  Others…well, they look at that path, tie up their boots, hoist their rucksacks, and start walking.  Sure there will be difficulties along the way, but for those who refuse to accept mediocrity, this is simply a party of the journey.  This latter choice while fraught with peril, ultimately is the path to greatness.  The question I guess we all must ask ourselves is do we want a safe, simple, but BORING life, or do we want to climb that mountain and live a life full of wort,h far above that of others?

The muscle of the day was the gluteus medius.


The glut medius originates on the gluteal surface of the illia and inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur.  This is a busy little muscle.  It is responsible for hip abduction when the leg is straightened, hip internal rotation when the hip is flexed, and hip external rotation when the hip is extended.  Sheesh…

We continued to work on developing that overhead pressing strength in our strength work yesterday (6/19/2013).  Six sets of three for the push press.  As for the conditioning work, it was the major inspiration for today’s blog post.  We hit an ascending nine minute ladder of American KB Swings and Lateral Jump Over the Bell Burpees.  Couplets are deceivingly disgusting…  Fortification work targeted posterior chain stability.

One more day until The Movement Program is done with school!!!!



Self Myofascial release / Dynamic Warmup

1 Round Jerk:  5 Push Press, 5 Push Jerk, 5 Jerk Step Throughs, 5 Jerk Balance, 5 Split Jerks.


Push Press

6 sets of 3 reps.

*Work up to establish a new 3 RM.


9 min Ascending Ladder

2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, etc…

American KB Swings (24 kg/16 kg)

Lateral Jump Over the Bell Burpees


Bird Dogs

3 x 10  each side

Single Leg Bridge Holds

3 x 3 x 10 secs each side.

6-20-13 MOVE16-20-13 MOVE26-20-13 MOVE36-20-13 MOVE46-20-13 Scores



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