The Last Class

Another chapter in The Movement Program has come to a close.  We leave the confines of the GAMP cafeteria forever in preparation for our permanent home at Steelworks CrossFit!  The gym is in the works of coming online (sooner than later!).  In the meantime, we will be floating at sites scattered about Philly.  Our main base of operations will be back at the Gangsters’ Paradise aka underneath I-95 at Front and Washington.  Classes will be held MWF at 9:00 am.

Some of you have been asking me about nutrition lately.  Expect a post very soon on that…

Today’s muscle of the day is the gluteus minimus.


The glut minimus works in concert with the glut medius.  It originates on the gluteal surface of the illia and inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur.  When the leg is fully straightened, the glut minimus helps abduct the hip.  When the hip is flexed, the glut minimus aids in external rotation.  When the hip is extended, the muscle works to internally rotate the hip.  Just like the glut medius:  Sheesh.

We closed this chapter of the story in true Movement Program fashion:  1RM attempts.  Yes, this was a deload week, but this was a special day that needed to honored.  We spent time going after some new 1 RM Snatches and Clean and Jerks.  The kids have come a long way.  You’ll see Chris and Xuan below.  Chris got a five pound PR on his snatch and a nearly 20 pound PR on his clean at 165# (3 pound PR on the clean AND jerk 150#).  Xuan got a new PR clean at 102# and crushed her snatch PR by 10# 70#.

Getting more in line with our deload theme for the week, we hit some speed squats from the high bar and then finished off the day with single leg side plank holds with toes pointing up and down and then a crowd favorite, the suitcase carry.

Stay tuned on when and where our next practice will be!

It has been a great experience coaching you all and I look forward on the next stage of our journey together.



Self Myofascial Release / Dynamic Warmup

1 Round Snatch:   5 OHS, Lift off transitions, Muscle Snatches, Angel Drops, Punch and Catch Progressions.

Barbell Mechanics

10 minutes to establish a new 1 RM Snatch

10 minutes to establish a new 1 RM Clean and Jerk


10 sets of 2 Speed Squats from the High Bar

*60% 1RM

*1 min rest between each set.


Single Leg Plank Holds with Toe Pointing Up / Down

2 x 2 x 10 seconds

Suitcase Carries

3 x 50 meters each hand.

6-20-13 MOVE1 6-20-13 MOVE2 6-20-13 MOVE3 6-20-13 MOVE4 6-20-13 MOVE5 6-20-13 Scores


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