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Summer Kinetics Camp

Ladies and Gentleman,

The Movement Program will finally be back to close off the week.  Jury duty unfortunately stole me away from all of your ugly faces (or should that be fortunately…), but Friday it will be last call for all aboard the pain train.  Hopefully the T-shirts will be ready by next Monday, so hold on to your horses (the printer screwed up the first batch, so this is part deux.) just a little longer.

A sneak peek of the coming logo for the T-shirts!

Exciting news!  The Summer Kinetics Camp syllabus is now available for perusal.  But you know what’s even more exciting?   The world knows about you, Movement Program.  They know about you and are inspired.  Yes, let me repeat myself:  your efforts, your sweat, your fear, and ultimately your triumphs have inspired others.  They have inspired two such persons so much that they have graciously agreed to pay for seven, yes that’s right, SEVEN spots for the Kinetics Camp.  How will I determine who receives the funding?  Well, for starters, I won’t.  That will be left in the hands of the donors, who of course wish to remain anonymous.  In order to be eligible to earn a “scholarship” to camp, the prospective athlete must type out a 1-2 page essay around the following prompt:

“The idea of community has slowly been deteriorating in American society.  “I” has become much more important than “we.”  The Movement Program hopes to slowly reverse that trend.  How have you and/or will you use skills gained through The Movement Program to help better your community?”

Essays will only be accepted if they adhere to the following guidelines:

12 point Times New Roman

1″ Margins

Double spaced

PDF format

Please submit your completed essays to and I will forward them to the donor for his/her perusal.

Papers are due June 14 at 12:00 pm in my inbox.

Get on this, people!  What a great opportunity!


PS  Morgan and Palm Oil, will you both be around for class tomorrow?  I want to start the documentary ASAP!


Summer Competitions/Programming

While on break from fulfilling my civic duty, (jury duty) I figured now would be a good time to let you all know about some exciting opportunities to test your might against other CrossFitters your age!

Event 1

What:  CrossFit for Hope

Where: CrossFit Novem

When:  Saturday, June 9.  10 am.

Come and help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  I know a lot of you might be taking the ACT.  For those of you not, please let me know by this Friday if you are going to do it.  Any athlete under 18 must be accompanied by a parent during the WOD.  Also, Frankford Hall will be having a festival of sorts near the gym with a dunk tank and other various games.  So, raise some money, hit the WOD, and then play some games afterwards!

Event 2

What:  The Festivus Games

Where:  CrossFit South Philly

When:  August 4, Saturday, First heat at 9 am.

Intimidated by competitions?  Well, this is right up your alley!  This is a competition tailor made for most of us.  Focusing on novices to intermediates, this competition will allow you an opportunity to test yourself against CrossFitters who are new to the sport and/or at a more average level of performance.  This should be a definite on your calendars!

Event 3

What:  Iron Works Youth Challenge

Where: Crossfit Legitimus

When:  August 11, Saturday, 10 am – 7 pm

Sounds really fun.  Head on up to Connecticut and get a chance to meet and greet young CrossFitters from all over the East Coast.  This is not an elite level event, but it is sponsored by Reebok.

Also, I am currently working with Ms. Lee Knight, the executive director of Steve’s Club, the national non-profit that brings CrossFit to young people across the country, to host some friendly meet ups and workouts between young people in various gyms (CrossFit Tribe, CrossFit King of Prussia) in July.

Please stay tuned for The Movement Program’s Summer Training Camp.  I will have a detailed syllabus by the end of next week.  Some things in the works:  The aforementioned meet ups with other kids’ programs, Beach WOD in Ocean City, NJ,  Trail Run/WOD out at the Wissahickon/Ridley Creek State Park, and class M-F (both morning and afternoon/evening options).  More details will come next week!

See you all Tuesday!  Jury duty will be interesting…


Lifting the Dead!

Tuesday.  Feels like Monday.  Feels gross outside, but you know what will keep you all cool, comfortable, and, therefore, not gross while you workout?  A brand spankin’ new custom made Movement Program T-shirt!!!!  Yes, people, the shirts are in!  I will be picking them up today after school.  You will have them tomorrow!

Many apologies for the late update, but better late than never.  Originally on Friday, we were weren’t even going to hold class, as the GAMP Pioneer baseball team was challenging Frankford High School for the next round of the State Playoffs.   (Sadly, we lost…)  But some extra time in the day’s schedule allowed some lucky souls a chance to get in a quick WOD.

We hit four quick rounds of zombie lifts, knees to elbows, and bar facing burpees.


4 Rounds

7 Deadlifts (185/135)

12 Knees to Elbows

14 Bar Facing Burpees

***Congrats to Morgan the Destroyer who for the first time went RX in a WOD!!!

The Old Show

Today’s inspirational video, courtesy of Jon North, can be found here.  Watch it.  Listen to it.  “Snatch” those words and “press” them into your heart.

“Attitude Nation! Salute!”

Why are YOU training?


We’ve got soul AND funk!

Late night (for me that’s about 8-9 pm.  A daily 4:30 am rise-and-shine doesn’t make for late nights…) brainstorming sessions fueled by meat, greek yogurt, vegetables, and  kombucha lead to inspiring thoughts.  So much so, that I cooked up something with a little bit funk AND a even a little bit of soul.

To the Funk!…

Warning excessive funk in WODs will make you awesome.

After a solid warmup, we bypassed the typical strength portion of class and launched right into a rather unorthodox WOD.  Today was all about speed and this portion went by pretty fast, probably too fast…(Maybe some heavier weight next time and I mean HEAVY!)  We hit three rounds of a complex of press, push press, and push jerk. When finished, the athlete waited until the beginning of the next minute to begin the second portion of the WOD.  For example, the athlete finishes in 29 seconds, he then begins the second portion at the 1 minute mark.  Now…

To the Soul!

Once completed with the three rounds and the transition, the athlete jumped into a fast and somewhat technical 6 minute AMRAP.

Something tells me that the bear crawls were the worst…at the very least the most painful!  HA.  HA, HA.



3 Rounds

1 Press

2 Push Press

3 Push Jerk



50 Meter Bear Crawl

15 Double Unders

10 Single Arm Kettlebell Snatches (16/12)

Level 1: 10 Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings (16/12)

(Insert choice caption here…)

Pinch Grip, huh? Well, see you later!

We are back at The Movement Program and oh what fun awaited!  A mixture of placing a banging shirt order (shirts should be ready by either the end of the week or early next week!… STAY TUNED!)  and a weekend wedding made the GAMP cafeteria rather quiet on Wednesday and Friday.

“You know, it’s true what they say about long WODs. While slow and full of pain, they can serve a purpose.”

So, what awaited today’s warriors?  Pain, turkish getups, and more pain.  We went long today…for some of us…really long.  Today was a major gut check for all, but just when you think these kids will start whining or making excuses, yet again they throw the hammer down and get the job done in the face of a mad amount of work, yo!  Shout out to all the “hard” folks out there who demonstrated true Movement Program grit today.



Turkish Getups



For Time

150 meter run with a 25/15 pound plate, PINCH CARRY STYLE – Use only one hand per round, alternate left right hand on each run.  Last round athlete may alternate between hands.

25 HSPUs

150 meter pinch plate run

50 Pushups

150 meter pinch plate run

75 Thrusters (45/35)

150 meter pinch plate run

100 Squats

150 meter pinch plate run


Calling all Philanthropists!

Today, we were filled to the gills at The Movement Program.  Welcome, Lauren T., Zipporah, Frank, and Demi!  Great work on your first WOD.

The “old heads” of the Program saw some great times and performances today, too.  J$$$ and Palm Oil got their first kick to handstand.  Kruzer camped out on one round of the ME Handstand Holds for 3 minutes plus!  HUH?!  (See the creepy handstand zombie picture below) .  We will be preparing for the JUNE 9 CrossFit for Hope fundraising WOD, so expect to see the movements that will be done in this competition peppered throughout the next couple of weeks of programming.  I spoke with the folks over at my own homebase, CrossFit Novem, and when you register on the CrossFit for Hope website, you can add them as your affiliate!  Please let me know in the comments section if you can make it.  It will take place either at Novem (Fishtown) or here.  At either veune, a parent must be present!

Old Lights and New Lights continue to shine forth making The Movement Program a beacon of inspiration to other students.  With that being said, World, we could use your help!  The Movement Program is a non-profit afterschool club, and these burgeoning athletes could use more tools for destruction/construction.  If anyone from the “outside” is interested in making these dedicated young athletes’ experience at The Movement Program more varied, challenging, and ultimately, more rewarding through a sponsorship or one time donation, please respond in the comments section!

Bono and The Edge fundraising for the important things in this world: ending world hunger, eradicating AIDs, and supplying The Movement Program with new jump ropes and another pair of gymnastics rings…

As far as our work today, we did three attempts at Max Effort Handstand Holds and then a quick 4 Rounds for time of Power Snatches, Kipping Pullups, and Overhead Walking Lunges!

Solid work, everyone!  Remember, “old heads” make sure to make new teammates feel welcome.  Provide encouragement and guidance when you see the dreaded “deer-in-the-headlights” looks.



3 Rounds ME Handstand Holds


4 Rounds for Time

7 Power Snatches (75/55)

7 Kipping Pullups

14 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)

Apparently HS holds turn you into a zombie…


Dedication = Success.

I was home away from The Movement Program attending to the passing of my grandmother.  So, no class on Friday, right?  NO WAY.  I had programmed a recommended workout for Friday.  Seems like some people are pretty serious about all of this exercise stuff…

Take heed, world!

Some pics of The Movement Program in action, courtesy of J-$$$$.


WOD – For Time:
100 Meter run (Start at the corner of 21st and Porter – run to 22nd and Porter.)
50 Pushups
100 meter run (Back to 21st and Porter.)
40 Jumping Squats
100 meter run (Back to 22nd and Porter.)
30 V Ups
100 meter run (Back to 21st and Porter)
20 Broad Jumps
Run back to 22nd and Porter.
10 Split jumps each leg
1 lap around Girard Park.

The Iron Mind

Thursday.  Time for your dose of inspiration.  Please give this article a read.

  • Can you find similarities with Rollins’s experience?
  • What does working out mean to you?
  • What have you done to cultivate the Iron Mind?  What more needs to be done?
Friday’s WOD – To be done at Girard Park.

Stephen Girard says, “Suck it up, buttercup. It’s Movement time!”

Joint Prep:
Inchworms including five pushups total.
Hip circles – Five circles in each direction on each leg.
Arm circles – Five circles in each direction.
Frankenstein walks.  (Swing the leg up, straight, step and land on the toes).
Trunk twists – Keep arms on hips and turn five times to each side.
Small skips.
Big skips for height.
3 rounds
10 Squats
5 pushups
10 Walking lunges – Keep that shin perpendicular to the ground on each step!
WOD – For Time:
100 Meter run (Start at the corner of 21st and Porter – run to 22nd and Porter.)
50 Pushups
100 meter run (Back to 21st and Porter.)
40 Jumping Squats
100 meter run (Back to 22nd and Porter.)
30 V Ups
100 meter run (Back to 21st and Porter)
20 Broad Jumps
Run back to 22nd and Porter.
10 Split jumps each leg
1 lap around Girard Park.


Out of the office…

Mad Movement Maniacs!

Sincerest apologies, but as you know, my family and I recently suffered the death of my grandmother  and my presence was required back home to the land of the Great Lakes.  We will obviously not have class on Wednesday or Friday.

However, I still would like you to give this WOD a shot.  Try and do this together if possible.  You can push each other harder when you work in a group.

WOD:  100 Burpees for Time.

Here’s when we last did it!  Want to see someone do burpees really well AND fast?  Check this video out!

Also, there is a charity fundraising event coming up on Saturday, June 9 over in Manayunk.  “CrossFit for Hope will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise 1.7MM – one day’s operating cost for St. Jude – to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.”

Check out the WOD here and sign up.  Don’t worry if you can’t do the proscribed weights.  Scaling will be available.  I highly encourage you all to come out and do this!

See you on Monday!